Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Missing Compassion

Rockstar was a mind blowing movie, hope many would agree to that. No I am not going to comment on the film in any way. I just want to highlight one part of the film where the canteenwala teaches JJ about the importance of having heartbreak or pain in life to be like Jim Morrisson or a Rockstar?

I know my first post on Thinking Action says that even I tried this theory and it worked for me as well. But with time and experience people do change and even I have. In fact I come across many people my age or younger to me who think pain is the way. Create it and show it wearing pearls of your talent.

Now the point is how with time have we changed so much that now we don’t understand pain without feeling it? Where has our sensitivity gone? Where have those days gone when pain used to be the binding factor and not the hit and trial method to be someone big?
In our day to day lives how we take people for granted and never even think about what they want?

How many men who claim that they love their wives actually help them in the household chores? Yesterday I came across a couple who are doctors by profession with no time at all for living life and are going to Florida next month for a one month course. But still in the middle of all this when husband reads newspaper and refreshes himself with some sports channel. His wife cooks and cleans ‘their’ home. I don’t think people ever realize that wives are also human beings and they also need some time off. For those who think that every lady on this earth loves cooking and it acts like a stress buster for them, let me clarify this IT’S A MYTH. Not all women wish the same.

Moreover, another point that I wish to highlight is it is not a women’s duty to manage house but still she does everything out of love. Now the question is what do the men who claim they love their wives unconditionally do? Shouldn’t you be a part of everything that needs to keep a house running? Or is it the comfortable norm of the society for many because of which we have missed the word ‘compassion’ ???

Moving on to some common yet uncommon issues like a person who finishes his sentence in the jail and wants to starts his life a new is simply denied of any opportunity. This ultimately leads to guilt and depression that takes them back to the roads which they wanted to leave behind.

Again we need to think that it could have been me or any relative of mine. There are several ways through which we can take precautionary steps. But we are quite happy in our comfort zone with a large number of options to replace him at least. 

I don’t understand exactly when we started playing the role of a brainless breed. Maybe capitalism is the reason but how can a theory become a way of life? How we regularly feed greed but not compassion, morals and other better parts of our personality? 

Anyways I have not written this post because I wish you to change but to see how have we commercialized ourselves this much that emotion have become the next big thing on season sale.

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  1. "Where have those days gone when pain used to be the binding factor and not the hit and trial method to be someone big?"
    Nicely written article, congratulations! It is always so nice reading your blog :)

    Undoubtedly, our society has 'evolved' from a male-dominant one where wives mean housewives. Men used to plough the fields, bring other required stuffs from markets and women used to take care of the house, including kitchen. That said, now we have evolved into a society where both husbands and wives work (which is highly appreciable!) but at the same time, men need to understand that the household duties are no longer the 'sole' job of their wives. There is a section of men who still thinks that no matter what, the household duties are not their responsibility and any sensible person (men or women) will condemn it. I know quite a few pairs who help each other in the household, and that makes me feel.. 'aha, love, faith, trust, understanding... 'exist'!' :)