Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Cracked Feet

Being a professional who belongs to the elite print industry will draw a very sophisticated image of me in front of many (I guess!). Actually I am quite an untidy person when compared with the societal norms of playing role of a girl. I realize the fact that spending, in a way is the only rescue to my present condition. It can save me from looking the way I look, mismanaged. Spending on myself will actually make me a whitey- tidy girl whom guys would like to date (again I guess!). Yeah, 22 yet single that is me! Anyways that is not the issue. The issue is spending even 1/4th (or whatever part) of what we spend on clothes, saloons, spas etc. can actually help someone in filling his stomach or educating himself.

Why I am writing this article is because I myself feel abashed. What to choose, between the grooming standards of today and the almost cracked segment of our society?

I have been meeting a very beautiful and courageous lady from past 5 months. She is 25 years old with three kids, an alcoholic husband whom she left behind. Sadly this brought her back to her family who work hard to make sure that she should not live peacefully. Why? Simple reason she is a girl and now not just a liability but also a stain on the family name. She lives with her younger brother just to fulfill the ‘Male Protection’ regulation of our society. This brother treats her like a trash, beats her in front of anyone at any point of time. Still she is struggling hard to feed and teach her children well. But in the salary of just 4k she hardly manages to feed her children properly. Witnessing all this first hand made me think on how we know what is the meaning of poverty but seldom do we realize what it actually means???

I know that this sounds like an age old story and I am just being emotional. I’ll not deny this. But just because millions among us share the same story and we cannot change everyone, should this stop us from doing what we can do even for one? I don’t think so.

I have decided to be a human and help her till the day I can. Honestly, even I don’t earn a very handsome amount. Belong to the middle segment of the lifestyle economics table. But the lesson which I have learnt in these 5 months is very precious. ‘In order to bring change you don’t need a 5-6-7 figure salary but a heart which is an inch larger.’


  1. In order to bring change you don’t need a 5-6-7 figure salary but a heart which is an inch larger!
    :) Nice, inspirational step, hats off for the endeavor!

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  3. Hey Raven, Its feels great that you like what I write. I hope this will remain same in the future.

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  5. The (in)correct mix of penury, patriarchy and apathy of fellow humans results into what you have described above. It is really good that you are attempting a course correction of some sorts. Keep up the good work.