Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy Beginning

Yes, I know it’s been days that Valentine’s Day has passed and I am late to share my views on it. But actually I was in the turmoil of whether I should even write this or not as it should not be disappointing or should not sound repetitive.
Eventually I realized that this is not how writing works. Writing is something much more dearly to me than anything else and yes, we can discuss that some other time for sure. 

So it all began in my childhood when I heard those magical stories that used to define love as an amazing feeling and most of us used to fall for this. Due to this all of us grew up secretly but crazily curious thinking about ‘that mystery woman or man’ for whom we take chances all through those years of adolescence and after. In the mean while we go through all those brutal break ups that teach us about life and people all together. However for me all this process of dating and going out comes as an exciting idea of learning and growing.

Anyhow in real it has been a different game for me. I have seen so many bad, fraud, false marriages that mere existence of this ‘sacred institution’ is so baffling to me. I simply never understood what love is coz wherever I saw people getting married and I could sense some conspiracy that involves all other sort of reasons than love.  

Now on the other hand I have been a die-hard romantic, secretly reading mills and boon and weaving all those dreams of living life in the arms of my partner. All this used to really frustrate me as I would always fail to figure out what I want and who I am. 

And Valentine’s Day is one another day when my frustration will reach peaks in the desire of a beloved and a part of me fighting the same desire.

But this Valentine ’s Day was different as it took me to some really beautiful people who sketched their own love stories. One of them is my sister and the other is my best friend. I could never really believe that love exists and it does changes people in a more than positive way, but they made me believe all this through them.

Both of them share some common traits like stubbornness, egocentric and lack of expression. Now this does not mean that they do not love people or they themselves are bad but I think we all have some people like them around and many of you can relate to what am I specifically referring to.

My sister who never saw anyone in this world as a living being (except herself) suddenly started feeling for her parents if not for me. Sigh! But it’s okay. She suddenly had all those family values in her which somehow I could never even imagine she knew of. And my best friend, miser of all misers suddenly started spending on her phone lavishly so that she could stay connected with her love 24/7. She is the same person who in a way restricted my college life through her busy and a self restricted schedule, is now all the time out with him. Gosh! All this is frustrating but nevertheless the point to focus is on the fact how love unfolded them into a better person and an open person.

To refresh myself I always used to watch those lovely romantic movies where man always treats his love of life as his life. But I always used to end up with doubts in my head that does this really happen? Is it really true?  Do things like these really happen? And one day I received a mail from my dear friend in which she referred me a book ‘He’s just not that into you’. Man that book and movie are both worth giving your time if you are like me :P Girl who is single but confused about, what is what in love? I can say that I actually feel really calm after reading and watching that movie and of course seeing those things happening in front of me in the form of my sister and bestie falling in love.

Therefore, all this and more this Valentine’s day that happened gave me a wider and reliable view of what is love? 

So we just have to wait not hunt for our mystery person <3


  1. 1. ..the desire of a beloved and a part of me fighting the same desire..
    2. ...we just have to wait not hunt
    Nice article!